7 Oct

Hi WITA friends,

Soon I’ll post an update about working with the Feminist Majority Foundation, but I also wanted to touch base about a few other things:

1. We are indeed still hoping to get the not-exactly-a-mentoring-list going. (It’s also tentatively been renamed “Ask WITA,” as you can see above.) I’ve been working with Sarah at the Women’s Resource Center to refine the project and the pitch, and hopefully that’ll go out on some mailing lists soon.

2. We’ve been officially re-chartered for a few weeks now, and in another couple of weeks we should have access to WITA’s annual budget from GPSA.

3. If I can figure out how to change this blog’s URL to, I think I will, but I might wait until I can afford to buy new business cards. The current batch of cards still has the way-too-long URL — and the phone number to the GPSA office, where I admittedly still spend a lot of time, but not in an official enough capacity that GPSA can still be considered WITA HQ.

4. I know that I won’t and don’t always hit the mark with all the links I post here. And I’m aware that posts at “What Is It Like to Be a Woman in Philosophy?” in particular (which has minimal moderation for reasons that I think make sense for that particular project, if maybe not for feminism-in-academia websites in general) are not created equal, and that I have arguably chosen some reblogs poorly. I always mean well, and I always think I’m posting “good” things, but sometimes I screw up, and I’m sorry, and I welcome your help in doing better. I’m never being intentionally inflammatory (at least not toward WITA’s intended target audience), or intentionally dense, but sometimes I read something into a blog post or an article that maybe isn’t there, and sometimes I miss problematic things that are there.

WITA was born in part from my selfish desire to hear from my female colleagues, and to better understand things of which I was (and maybe still am) only dimly aware. I don’t think I’ve ever been shy about acknowledging the gaps in my knowledge or insight. So if either here or on Facebook there’s critical commentary in response to anything posted on this blog, I’ll leave the post(s) up with that commentary, because I find the comments helpful in calibrating my own feminist radar (or is the right metaphor a compass? I feel like I used to be better at this…), and maybe others will too. I think (but tell me if I’m wrong) that it’s ultimately better to preserve a public record of useful feedback than to erase stuff and pretend I never make mistakes.

That said, never ever hesitate to email if you feel strongly that content on this page is problematic enough to be taken down outright — or if you’d like to write a “guest” post in response. (I don’t check that account every day, but I do read everything that comes in.)

So yeah. Stay tuned for updates on Ask WITA! Anyway, new business in the next post.

– Kris


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