The Sunday Assembly

17 Sep

Nonreligion and Secularity

In our second blog post Katie Aston discusses her experience of attending the Sunday Assembly in London, and reflects on the broader issues of nonreligious community, ritual action and meaning.

In February and March 2013 I attended the Sunday Assembly ‘sessions’ (or ‘atheist church’ as it has been labelled) held at The Nave, a deconsecrated church in North London. As the daughter of a vicar, a non believer and a researcher into the question of non-religious and secular practice in the UK, there were more than a number of reasons for my being curious. As this is a research blog and the internet is littered with appraisals of the Assembly; the good – ‘it fulfils a human need for community’ -and the bad – ‘how can an atheist call it a church, when there is no god or worship?’ – I will instead focus on a number of interesting…

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