Doing a PhD in half the time [Tenure, She Wrote]

12 Sep

Doing a PhD in half the time [Tenure, She Wrote]

Today is the 255th day of the year and I have been sick for 110 of them. When I am well, I do work so cool, funding agencies throw money at me.* When I am sick, I am lucky if I am able to brush my teeth.** Being sick so often can be a wee bit depressing. Of course, Darwin was ill most of his life, but still managed to do some pretty important work. That’s inspiring – and comforting!

Less comforting is the overwhelming importance of “productivity” in academic science.

I love doing science and I’m good at it. But my illness takes away about 3 days every week, and I get less done than many of my peers because of it. I don’t know if my illness will improve, and I worry that  I won’t be able to compete for a job. . . . 

Do we really want to prevent people from contributing to our fields because they can’t (or won’t) work incredibly long hours?



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