The Visual Intelligence of Pacific Rim [Storming the Ivory Tower]

23 Jul

The Visual Intelligence of Pacific Rim [Storming the Ivory Tower]

There’s more to Mako than just this scene and its impact on the rest of the film, of course, but I think the flashback and its visual language serves to demonstrate two things: first, Mako is a complex, wholly admirable female protagonist that probably has more depth than the male protagonist (which actually isn’t all that new–holla at my fellow Hermione and Eowyn fans), and second, the film is capable of saying complex things, but it says those things through visual symbolism. (CONSCIENCE EDIT: And just in case it’s not clear, I don’t want to sound like I’m bashing feminist criticism–I’m a feminist critic myself–I’m just suggesting that if we’re evaluating female characters, number of lines in this context is kind of a myopic way of going about it. There are other feminist criticisms of the film–like the overall number of women in the ground crew, for example–that are totally on point, I think. I just think Mako isn’t given nearly the credit she really deserves as a female protagonist.)


Hat-tip to my friend Jenn, who may have more Geek Cred than anyone else I know, for this one.


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