Her good point must have been an accident

27 May

What is it like to be a woman in philosophy?

We are discussing two scenarios in seminar that seem to provide a similar result, and I ask how we can claim that the results are equivalent when there was no justification in one case for a belief about certain contents. Specifically, I said “This seems odd to me. How can we say that A “knows” what P means in the exact same way that B “knows” what P means, if A has no prior knowledge and no justification but B is a native speaker of the language that P is written in?”

A classmate responded with “you didn’t mean to say “know,” but that’s okay” and made a patting gesture with his hand at the side of his desk, slightly below desk height.

The professor entered the discussion: “Actually, I think that she inadvertently made a good point even if she didn’t mean to.”

I was still sitting right there…

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