Girls and men

16 May

What is it like to be a woman in philosophy?

I’m a Ph.D. student in a field that isn’t philosophy, but I got a Master’s degree in philosophy and I still read it sometimes. The other night I read [redacted].

It’s a great textbook; I recommend it. But [then], I read this line, explicating an example:

“James has a date with a girl who likes tidy men, and his hair is a mess.”

So James, presumably, is an untidy man, but the woman he’s dating is just a girl.

And I thought: I bet it never in a million years occurred to [redacted] that this is a problem.

And I thought: I wonder if I ever met him, and told him it was a problem, if he’d see it and feel embarrassed, or would he think I was bizarre and humorless and maybe not that bright, and leave me to be the embarrassed one?

And I thought, thinking about [redacted]…

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