Women in the Academy: Mentoring & Support Systems

9 Apr

Women in the Academy: Mentoring & Support Systems

For those of you in the Albuquerque area: WITA will be hosting a roundtable as part of UNM’s New Mexico Shared Knowledge Conference. It’ll be our first “flagship” event without pre-designated panelists, so I hope you can make it! Please share as widely as you like.
Increasingly, women outnumber and outperform men in college and in postbaccalaureate degree programs. But old habits, as they say, die hard, and centuries’ worth of stereotypes and double standards, subtle and otherwise, can and do still make the academy feel like a Good Ol’ Boys club.

But there are other, feminist-friendly ways to succeed through the efforts of a community. Join Women in the Academy to discuss them. Share your own stories about mentoring (from either side of the relationship) and other sources and methods of support — anything from formal tutoring to Stitch-and-Bitch circles. You’ll also have a chance to hear from some UNM women and allies familiar with institutional resources to aid your academic success.


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