Women in Biotechnology: Barred from the Boardroom

9 Mar

Women in Biotechnology: Barred from the Boardroom

Although women represented between 12% and 30% of academically active PhD holders over that time period, the percentage of women on [scientific advisory boards] never exceeded 10.2%. Even when the researchers compared male and female faculty members with similar levels of achievement, measured by factors such as publication and citation counts, male scientists were roughly twice as likely to join SABs as female ones….

SABs are not the only commercial forum in which academic women seem to be disadvantaged. US women also receive patents about 40% as often as men, start businesses half as often and receive significantly less funding for the start-ups that they do launch. This is not just a US problem: a study released in April 2012 by the Royal Society of Edinburgh found that women are underrepresented on the boards of UK science, technology, engineering and mathematics companies. That is despite the fact that including women seems to be beneficial: a 2012 report from Credit Suisse in Zurich, Switzerland, found that worldwide, companies with women on the board have higher share prices than those with all-male boards.

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