Here’s Anita Sarkeesian’s First ‘Tropes vs. Women In Games’ Video

7 Mar

Here’s Anita Sarkeesian’s First ‘Tropes vs. Women In Games’ Video

It’s been a long road for feminist critic Anita Sarkeesian. Last summer, she ran a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a new video series examining sexist tropes in video games—her goal was $6,000 and she raised nearly $160,000. In the midst of the Kickstarter drive, Sarkeesian was subjected to a brutal, organized harassment campaign(someone even made an online game that simulated punching her in the face), all of which drew even more attention to her project.

Kris here. I don’t (think I) often say that something is must-watch material, but this is, gamer or not. As I’ve mentioned before, Sarkeesian’s Kickstarter campaign was one of the biggest stories in gaming in 2012. And with US Senators and the NRA alike turning their sights on video games for the wrong reasons, it’s helpful for all of us to look to Sarkeesian for the right ones.

(Just, y’know, maybe don’t read the comments section. As a gamer I love Kotaku’s coverage, and I think they’ve got a great staff, and for the most part the commenting community is better than your average group of random netizens, but any time an article smells the tiniest bit like feminism, even many of their normally thoughtful interlocutors turn into useless sexist morons.)


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