You gotta dig to get at the root

19 Oct

(Video still from “I Am an Emotional Creature“, via YouTube)

My mother used to say this when we were gardening. “It’s no use pulling the top of the weed if you don’t get down deep. It’ll always grow back.” I’m not beneath applying a gardening metaphor to sociopolitical issues. In fact, I think it is an extremely useful one when considering the state of gender equality in academia.

Activists are one of the main drivers for exposing, attacking, and helping to eliminate the root causes of social ills. One of my favorites is Eve Ensler; poet, playwright, activist, and feminist-extraordinaire. You may know her for her infamous show “The Vagina Monologues,” but did you know she also wrote a play for the teenage generation? “I Am an Emotional Creature” exposes the secret lives of young women, and gives a voice to a largely unheard portion of our population.

Click here to watch a sneak peek of “I Am an Emotional Creature,” new premiere at the Romulus Linney Courtyard Theatre in New York City.


Don’t let yourself be silenced,



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