(Late) Summer Reading

16 Oct
Hi everyone,
Quick round-up of some pieces from late summer/early fall, two of them courtesy of early WITA panelists:

From the Chronicle of Higher Education:
I am often asked by other female academics whether—and how—they should respond to the “micro-inequities” that many of us face in our professional lives. Should we object to each and every sexist remark and demeaning incident? Or should we just let them pass because it is too exhausting to respond every single time, and doing so might do more harm than good?
From the Higher Education Network at the Guardian:
A recent report reveals that only 12% of third year female PhD students want a career in academia. Curt Rice looks at the reasons why and warns that universities’ survival is at risk
From Inside Higher Ed, by way of the Feminist Philosophers blog:
Numerous studies have focused on how women in academic science balance their quest for career advancement with their family responsibilities. A study released here at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association (by researchers who have done considerable research on women in science) turns to male scientists, and asks how they balance work and home responsibilities.
– Kris

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