Australian Prime Minister attacks sexism & misogynism in taped debate

10 Oct

(Video still source: BBC News)

Julia Gillard’s virulent attack of the leader of the opposition Tony Abbot plays out like a real-life movie. Picture a mix of the dramatic flair of Atticus Finch and the eloquence of Severn Suzuki (but with much more bile), with the inspirational mojo of this YouTube standby.  Gillard criticizes Abbot’s rampant misogynous actions, and draws an unruly response from the members of the Australian House of Representatives. Now THIS is a woman who is not afraid to speak up. This is a woman who has the courage to identify and call out injustice.

Watch for yourself: BBC News has a great clip with some of the highlights of the 15-minute long rant. This article gives some good context, while this article highlights the more memorable quotes and throws in a dash of dry political humor.

There’s nothing better than seeing a high-ranking woman of power lay it out, finger-pointing (literally) and all.

Keep it going, Julia!


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